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    Interface definitions for bget.c, the memory management package.


#ifndef _
#define  _(x)  x              /* If compiler knows prototypes */
#define  _(x)  ()                     /* It it doesn't */
#endif /* PROTOTYPES */

typedef long bufsize;
void  bpool     _((void *buffer, bufsize len));
void   *bget          _((bufsize size));
void   *bgetz         _((bufsize size));
void   *bgetr         _((void *buffer, bufsize newsize));
void  brel      _((void *buf));
void  bectl     _((int (*compact)(bufsize sizereq, int sequence),
                   void *(*acquire)(bufsize size),
                   void (*release)(void *buf), bufsize pool_incr));
void  bstats          _((bufsize *curalloc, bufsize *totfree, bufsize *maxfree,
                   long *nget, long *nrel));
void  bstatse     _((bufsize *pool_incr, long *npool, long *npget,
                   long *nprel, long *ndget, long *ndrel));
void  bufdump     _((void *buf));
void  bpoold          _((void *pool, int dumpalloc, int dumpfree));
int   bpoolv          _((void *pool));

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